Performance designer/Art Director.

I graduated last year from UAL, having studied BA Theatre Design. I have a keen interest in all things theatre, a favourite of mine being immersive and interactive theatre. I also like blurring the boundaries of what can be defined as theatre, I think it has become an increasingly broad and varied art form. I love questioning what's possible, gaining new knowledge and skills, and exploring my own creativity. I think theatre has the potential to be a great voice for social change, and I see it beginning to happen which excites me.


I find inspiration everywhere, and am a big advocate of the importance of play in theatre making. In this past year we have had to adapt to new situations and ways of learning, and although it hasn't been the easiest at times, I have gained lots of new skills through the process. In turn these skills have changed how I look at theatre, and my points of interest.

I also am very interested in how we can make theatre more sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Whether it be reusing old sets, up-cycling, or working with different recycled materials etc.

After doing some work on Netflix's After Life, I also developed and interest in Film and TV, and so I'm really excited to be working on my first feature film this year, and transferring the skills I learnt studying theatre design over to the big screen. 

Other areas of interest for me include Fashion, Editorials, and Interior Design.